Surprised by the calorific value in  TANS Rawblends? Don’t be.

Calories is the unit to measure energy. In terms of food, it can be calculated by multiplying the weight in grams of nutrient type with its fixed value. Fats have a value of 9 per gram, protein and carbohydrates have 4 per gram. Other nutrients do not contribute in calories or might do in negligible amounts. TANS Rawblends may seem to have a lot of calories for a health and wellness product range, but this is due to the high fiber amounts along with natural sugars present in the fruits and vegetables which have a low to medium glycemic index and glycemic load. Which means the breakdown is easier for the body to uptake and will not cause an extreme spike in blood sugar levels, hence compliant with diabetics always. Fibers play a vital role in enabling all of TANS Rawblends to be diabetic friendly, they aid digestion and regulation of blood sugar levels. These are the most common health goals faced with age and TANS Rawblends are crafted to maximize absorption of nutrients with ingredients that complement each other in a way to enhance the rich unique flavorsome journey that each Rawblend bring to the table. Do not be taken by surprise from the caloric value behind each TANS sachet, your body might be craving for micronutrients while you were making sure you had provided macronutrients and kept calories in check. To be in optimum health requires understanding of your own self and body, and accepting their short-comings and areas that can be developed or improved. Hence, look at the bigger picture, don’t get fooled by numbers.

TANS Rawblends are high in fiber, diabetic & vegan friendly, less than 75 kcal per serving keeping you full for a few hours, hunger pangs kept at bay, aids you to reach half goal of 5 A Day

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