We understand your dilemma; a long day of surviving the concrete jungle, no one has the time or the energy or the feasibility to mix up and blend raw nutrition recipe that is a blend of more than 7 raw ingredients. Your kitchen might have a few of the ingredients but them being stocked up always would be a herculean task. The cleaning, the chopping, the blending in right proportion, way too much work than can be done given a tight schedule. This is why most of us brush aside our body’s want for raw nutrition even when it’s screaming for attention. However, your body deserves better care, especially because it is going through a lot of stress whether it’s work load, life pressures or pollution. Fortunately, help is now easily accessible with TANS. To address real lifestyle problems like the need to detox, increase your haemoglobin for higher energy, lower cholesterol, strengthen your muscles, sharpen focus or brighten your skin and hair.

Most of your optimal health needs are aided by consistent use of the TANS rawblend variants

Each of our offerings is all-natural, allergen free, gluten free, and made without added sugar, preservatives or GMOs.

What do we use ?

What you see is what you get! No additives, no added sugar, no preservative, no emulsifiers.


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