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Story of TANS

Story of TANS Motivated by the goal of making nutrition in its purest form accessible anywhere, anytime. We offer you holistically crafted Rawblends. What’s amazing is that all TANS Rawblends are packed with nutrients and yet absolutely NATURAL. They have not been altered with any additional chemicals, preservatives, additives or added sugar!

They are prepared using indigenously sourced fresh fruits, vegetables and leaves. Choices of spices and seeds are added to give you the best support to keep your mind and body in its optimal health.

Each TANS Rawblends recipe is crafted using age old tenets of naturopathy with modern scientific backing to suit the Indian taste. We truly believe that what is made for India needs to be made in India! We hope you feel our care in them, enjoy them to the fullest & make these fantastic formulations a part of your daily life…

you will only feel better!


What we bring to the table

Health enthusiasts who vowed to make a positive impact by
providing accessible nutrition in the cleanest purest form possible, that aids towards a well-balanced body, mind and soul.
A mother son team that brings in youth and zest amalgamated with wisdom and experience.
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