TANS- Tasty Accessible Nutrition Support, is a ready to mix sachet consisting of raw fruits, vegetables, leaves and seeds. There are no added preservatives, no added refined sugar nor any added colours. The technology we use allows the taste, colour, aroma and nutrition to be locked in. 

A rawblend is a mixture of various fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds and spices in their raw form and retains all of the fibres. Consuming this on a daily basis allows you to maintain the healthy lifestyle you strive to get with no fuss. All of TANS rawblends are crafted with care and keeping the goal of providing maximum nutrition that will only stimulate good health.

No, it’s a blend of different fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds and spices. Each rawblend is crafted to aid a specific health goal. And no, we don’t dehydrate them, we use a superior technology called freeze drying that retains greater nutritional value, original taste and original colour. 

This is the next best to fresh because the technology we use allows maximum retention of nutrition, colour, taste and aroma of the ingredients of the rawblend. There will never be a compromise in the quality of ingredients, so that you get most out of each of the sachets.

YES. We do not use gluten containing ingredients in our recipes, although we do not have the gluten free certification yet.

You may intimate within 24 hours of making payment about the change in the variant type to [email protected] along with the transaction details and proof of payment.

All of our variants are flavoursome and crafted keeping in mind Indian taste buds and bring a wide variety and combinations of flavours, which in our opinion go really well if you appreciate the richness felt in raw leaves, fruits and vegetables. The technology we use helps us retain maximum flavour, texture and taste of the ingredients, keeping the feel and impact of nutrition intact.

Each of our variants are less than 75 kcal per sachet

TANS is 100% vegan, no cruelty to animals in any form. No incorporation of dairy either. We feed cattle from the raw materials that suit them before our processing starts.

No, TANS does not have any refined sugar. One feels the natural sweetness from the fruits only. We do not believe in pairing up mother earth’s gifts with artificial compounds, enjoy the Rawblends as nature has produced them. We do not add any refined sugar. We have used fruits to bring the sweetness to a few rawblend variants naturally. 

Health journals and scientists have been recommending having 5 portions of raw fruits and vegetables daily to be in optimal health and to prevent certain illnesses/ health conditions. 1 portion of the 5 A day equals 80 grams of fruits and vegetable(combined). There should be a balanced intake of various ingredients so we have kept it in mind and incorporated them accordingly. 5 A Day helps overcome digestive problems, builds immunity and prevent certain types of cancers as well, it also has an efficient manner for uptake of various micronutrients. 

Our variants provide up to two parts of five required daily. 

We do not recommend more than 3 sachets a day.  You can have TANS anytime of the day. Or night!

Store these packets in a cool and dry place. Make sure the sachet are sealed. If torn then please discard it if the powder seems sticky or clumped into a rock like structure.

18 months is the maximum period, after which the taste will remain similar but the nutrition value could be lower than expected.

Subscriptions are there to only bring continuity in life. With your hectic lifestyle you might forget about the subscription plan selected, we understand your situation and would help you change the plan, pause it and even cancel if necessary. You would receive a reminder mail 5 days before the end of the on-going plan. You can contact us latest by end of day before the last day before the subscription is renewed automatically via email at [email protected]

Gifting wellbeing is very thoughtful of you. You can drop an email and even mention a special message to be included in the box. 

Please take a video of the delivered box before opening. Share it with us on [email protected]

The order will be dispatched within 5-7 business days after placing the order. We will notify you if there are any unexpected delays. You should not worry about it; TANS is on the way to take care of you! 

Please send order on [email protected]. We will assist you with the GST invoice, discounts (if applicable) and steps to follow to confirm order.

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