Glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong healthy nails…get them all by incorporating biotin in your diet. What is biotin?

As we all know Biotin is also known as vitamin H which is a part of the B complex group of Vitamins. Biotin is water soluble, and this allows it not to be harmful to the body even if consumed in excess. When in excess it naturally passes out of the system as it is not stored in the body and doesn’t affect body functions. It is well claimed that biotin helps in regulating blood sugar level, and along with that it promotes healthy hair and skin. Biotin helps stimulate Keratin production; this improves the rate of follicle growth. Thus, ensuring healthy lustrous hair. Biotin also strengthens fingernails and aids them to grow faster.  It is responsible for hydration of skin to make the skin smoother and flushes out toxins by sweating. All Vitamin B, including Biotin help in conversion of food to fuel used by the body, they help metabolize fats and proteins effectively. A very important role of biotin is in the regulation of gene expression of carboxylases and in ameliorating neurological disease. Cooking alters the composition of these delicate nutrients; this is where freeze drying comes to the rescue as it helps maintain the structure and allows restoration of maximum benefits when it is being prepared to be consumed. Biotin and Fibre when combined together work very well and have proven to boost body’s functioning capabilities greatly. As Biotin in not stored in the body, to benefit the most from Biotin it must be consumed regularly.

Biotin is abundant in nuts, seeds, spinach, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, banana, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms and avocados.

All of the TANS are rich in Biotin levels as they are present in raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Biotin is essential for healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails.

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