Antioxidants and aging

Are you at the age where you wish you didn’t age anymore? We have the answer for it, Antioxidants!

Unlike the Fountain of Youth this compound does not completely stop your growth and make you immortal, instead helps you be fit and healthy so that you don’t show signs of growing up inside-out.

Oxidation is one of the many reactions that occur on a daily basis in our bodies, but when there is an imbalance and more free radicals are released in our body it causes oxidative stress. The free radicals released due to oxidative stress damage our body and DNA, the genetic material, and is one of the initial steps to cancer, premature aging, and cardiovascular issues. To avoid this imbalance and damage, antioxidants come to your rescue. They stabilize the free radicals, and at the same time avoid any harm to the genetic material and the cells in our body.

Antioxidants are known to reduce the damage caused by these radicals; though they will not reverse the damage wholly, they do bring back the enzymatic balance and restore your health. They also help in calming the skin, giving you a more youthful look. Along with this, antioxidants also help purify and enhance blood profile, aid in combating lifestyle-related diseases, and boost the efficiency of blood supply with a higher percentage of oxygen being carried around in the body.

As we’ve always known excess of anything is not beneficial, a balance is always necessary. This balance is what TANS has achieved, with our raw, delicious blend of pure goodness, healthwise and taste-wise, we bring you the ideal options for keeping up the perfect balance of nutrients in your body. A rich unique flavorsome journey that would make you healthier in a way you might not be able to measure on a daily basis but over time you will feel the positive impact within yourself.

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